What’s This About?

There are lots of “opinionated” podcasts and channels that use the Bible for various ends. We just like the Bible for itself — you know, the stories. Beginning with the Master Storyteller himself — Jesus— we listen and discuss some of the big ideas of life.

The Podcast is Best …

Like a fine wine, or a really great pizza, this podcast is best when shared with friends. Invite a few folks to join you when you listen. Then talk about what you’ve heard. Oh, and some great pizza and fine wine might really help!

More Coming

We are planning more great stuff, including a book/study version of the episodes, an Audible title so you can listen on the go, and more (maybe — that’s as far as we’ve gotten in our thinking). Tune in, share, and hold on for the ride!

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Sitting down for conversation with the Bible's greatest teacher...


Dr. John Fairless 

Learner, teacher, spiritual guide, and certified (by life and by degree) grief specialist.